PHL17’s Number One Fan Tours the Station

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Philadelphia, PA (PHL17) —  Earlier this month we received an email about a 12-year-old boy named Michael. The email came from his Aunt Dee Dee who let us know how much her nephew Michael loves PHL17.   She told us Michael loves our shows, he loves the people he sees on PHL17, he even loves our commercials and most of all he loves our logo.  Michael seemed like a pretty awesome kid, so we asked him to come in with his three aunts to take a tour of PHL17.  Since it’s not every day a tv station gets to meet its number one fan, lots of employees were on hand for a tour hosted by PHL17’s own Steve Highsmith.


It truly was our pleasure meeting Michael and his family.  His enthusiasm for our station was infectious and so was his smile.  Michael knew the station’s history inside and out, including the station’s “Great Entertainer” jingle that we retired well before he was born.  Michael brought in dozens of drawings that he proudly showed and gave out to some lucky employees.   If you are reading this Michael, thanks again for your wonderful visit.  We were all so glad to meet you and you made our day.  Thanks for the hugs.  Thanks for the drawings.  Thanks for watching.

Michael got to sit on set with his family
Michael and his aunts. Since his mother passed away in November these ladies have been taking great care of their nephew they call “Bubba.” They set up this tour and we were happy to have them.

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