Lea Fitzpatrick was an educator, a valued member of her community and family and most of all a beloved mom and wife. To honor her memory and her brave fight against breast cancer, each year her Berlin, NJ community and her family organize a 5K. It means a lot to the community I live in and to the people that knew Lea well. The Fitzpatrick’s are the best and I try and never miss this run.

Speaking of injury, that’s my personal connection to Lea. We had a million common friends but I met her at physical therapy. I was there for my ankle, she was there to gain strength after one of her chemo rounds. We were fast friends and she kicked ass. We always talked about story ideas and I am always sorry I never got to do some of the ones we spoke of. That’s why this run and her memory mean so much to me.

50% of the proceeds will be donated to METAvivor* and 50% of the proceeds will be used to fund local scholarships in Lea’s memory. Make a donation today in the name of someone you love, or consider planned giving and legacy gifts that will support our cause and save the lives of future. https://www.metavivor.org/take-action/.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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