Family celebrates life of woman with community candlelight vigil

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Carol Bowne Candelight Vigil

Determined to not let others suffer the same fate, the family of Carol Ehly Bowne held a community candlelight vigil to mourn her loss, pray for healing and spread awareness about domestic violence.  Carol Ehly Bowne was murdered outside her Berlin Township home on June 3rd by an attacker she knew well with a violent history of abuse.  Bowne had a restraining order in place at the time of her murder and was in the process of legally obtaining a firearm for protection.

Since the time of her death, her family and friends have challenged lawmakers in NJ to re-examine NJ gun policies and laws concerning domestic violence that they feel leave victims of domestic violence vulnerable.   In that spirit Carol’s friends, family and community gathered at Luke Park in Berlin Township to grieve,  pray, listen to speakers about domestic violence, light candles, heal and spread their message; “Carol’s Life Mattered.”

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate domestic violence assistance
CALL 24 Hour Hotline: 856-227-1234

Carol Bowne Candelight Vigil  Carol Bowne Candelight Vigil Carol Bowne Candelight Vigil  Carol Bowne Candelight VigilCarol Bowne Candelight Vigil   Carol Bowne Candelight Vigil Carol Bowne Candelight Vigil


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