HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Lights, cameras, and reporters were all around for the showdown between Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman at the abc27 studio.

“There have been no debates between these two candidates — it’s an important race — zero debates until this one,” said abc27 anchor and reporter Dennis Owens.

This debate was not only important in Pennsylvania but worldwide. Media companies from all over, including ABC Australia, Reuters, and The Washington Post, camped inside a huge tent and worked around the clock.

“Here to give readers a sense of the race where it stands right now, and I’ll be working tonight as the debate happens to give updates, tweet some updates, so it will be go, go, go through the end of the night,” said Will McDuffie, an ABC News embed journalist.

Why the international intrigue? What happens tonight could be a sign of what is to come, including for foreign policy, with the balance of power up for grabs in Washington, D.C.

“Tonight is a not a debate for deciding the Senate, it is a deciding point of returning Trump, and we should watch this as a critical moment,” said Yangsoon Kim, reporter for the Korean Broadcasting System.