The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate visited the region again on Wednesday.

Dr. Memhet Oz toured a local American Legion and manufacturer in Summit Township.

Dr. Oz has visited Erie several times this summer. He said that he supports veterans and manufacturing jobs.

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Dr. Oz made a visit to the region to speak with Erie County residents at the American Legion in Wesleyville on Wednesday afternoon.

Dr. Oz was just in Erie the previous week for Eight Great Tuesdays.

The candidate said that stopping in Erie is crucial for his campaign. He believes that the region is sometimes overlooked.

“It’s a bellwether for the State of Pennsylvania. You have a lot of Democrats, a lot of Republicans. I’ve got a mix behind me here at the event, and they’re honest about their values and what they want to see in our country and to win. As a U.S. Senator you want to speak to Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Focus on the values that you think are most important,” said Dr. Memhet Oz, (R), Candidate for U.S. Senate.

Dr. Oz said it was important for him to speak with voters at the American Legion about supporting veterans.

One veteran said that he appreciates Dr. Oz’s visit.

“We get left behind a little bit. I think Tom Ridge maybe put us on the map a little bit politically years ago in the 90s, but I really think it’s so much Philadelphia, so much Pittsburgh. We matter up here too. We all need representation, and I think it’s wonderful that he’s made the effort, a large effort to really include us in his campaign,” said Dennis Hanlin, veteran.

In addition to supporting veterans, Dr. Oz emphasized the importance of trade schools and manufacturing.

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Dr. Oz also toured Tesco Tools, a transportation equipment supply company that houses a large manufacturing facility.

The founder of the company said that he believes it’s important for government officials to understand the value of learning a trade.

“I think it’s wonderful that he’s paying interest to us. We’re a manufacturer. We’re in dire need of qualified people that have basic technical training through the trade schools, mechanics, electricians, assemblers,” said Chris Fette, Founder of Tesco Tools.