2020 Mummers Results

String Band Division Results
1. South Philly
2. Quaker City
3. Fralinger
4. Woodland
5. Avalon
6. Aqua
7. Uptown
8. Polish American
9. Ferko
10. – Duffy
11. – Hegeman
12. – Greater Kensington
13. – Durning
14. – Greater Overbrook
15. – Pennsport –
16. – Jersey –

String Band Captain Results
1. South Philly – Denny Palandro
2. Quaker City – Jimmy Good
3. Stephen Caldwell – Uptown
4. George Balzer – Hegeman
5. Brad Bowen – Fralinger


Fancy Brigade Division Results 

  1. Saturnalian
  2. Satin Slipper
  3. Shooting Stars
  4. Spartans
  5. Downtowners
  6. Golden Crown
  7. Avenuers
  8. South Philly Vikings
  9. Clevemore
  10. Jokers
  11. 2nd Street Shooters
  12. Purple Magic

Fancy Brigade Captain

Thomas Dougherty -Saturnalian
Anthony Stagliano – Downtowners
Chris Micelli – Satin Slipper
Drew Avrill – Spartans
Michael Adams – Shooting Stars

Wench Brigade Results

  1. Riverfront
  2. Oregon
  3. Saints
  4. O’Malley
  5. Americans
  6. Cara Liom
  7. Bryson
  8. Froggy Carr
  9. Pirates

Comic Division Results

  1. Murray
  2. Goodtimers
  3. Landi

1st place Captain – Dennis Pellegrino

1st place Comic Brigade – B. Love Strutters


  • Trish

    Not at all. I watched every single string band with my 8 year old today and not only does my 8 year old son not agree with the results but neither did I or the announcers from the way they spoke. I believe that The Duffy String Band should have come in first and then The Durning String Band in second and then The Fralinger String Band in third like they did. And you can’t blame it on me being bias because I don’t know anyone from The Duffy String Band. I’m possibly a tad bias for The Durning String Band because it’s my family’s band but I truly think that they did a very good job and the announcers (including Pierre) spoke as if they truly enjoyed them more than most and even on Facebook people’s support does not at all agree with the judges results. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the people’s choice results will be.

    • Rick

      Golden Crown did a marvellous job! The set design was the Best! No LCD screen…just real artistry! The electronic screen is distracting and a cop out from REAL SCENERY! HATS OFF TO THE CREATIVE ARTISTS: BRYON “MUTT” WACKWITZ & CHRIS HILLMAN FOR THEIR BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!

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