Author Caroline Maguire Talks How to Help Children Make Friends and Thrive

Parenting coach and Author of “Why Will No One Play With Me?” Caroline Maguire shares how to help a child who is experiencing social exclusion from their peers.

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Teaching your child new social skills can be difficult so this book is a step by step guide on helping parents build those skills their child needs.

"About 70% of people in the workforce don't perform well because of social skills, and that's something we can prevent. Kids' brains are the most adaptable, let do it now" says Maguire.

The Play Better Plan truly helps children of all ages from kindergarten to college gain the confidence to make friends and get along with others, using tools such as:

  • Social Sleuthing, to learn to pay attention to social cues from others.
  • Post-Play Date Huddles that help kids figure out what to look for in a friendship.
  • Reflective Listening that can improve your child's relationship w/ peers.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit here.

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