Philly Feeds Foley: Romano’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Romano’s in Essington, Delaware County has been baking Italian goodness for more than 70 years!

From square pizza pies to pasta, the restaurant has been satisfying locals and those passing through the Philadelphia International Airport for years. However, it’s Romano’s history as being the birthplace of the Stromboli sandwich which has made it a sought out destination for so many all across the country and beyond.

The Stromboli was the brainchild of Nazzereno Romano back in 1950, about five years after he opened the Essington Pizzeria for the first time on Wannamaker Avenue. Romano’s has been making the staple the exact same way ever since.

“I have to be true to what Grandpop created, so yeah I have to do it this way,” said Pete Romano. “It’s not the easy way, it’s the difficult way but it’s the right way and it’s what the sandwich’s reputation has been built on.”

Romano’s Stromboli sandwich has also been featured on The Travel Channel and received several high profile orders like the U.S Secret Service and former President Bill Clinton.

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