Having Trouble Sticking To Your Exercise Plan? Here’s What You Can Do

We've all done it- start a workout, but get overwhelmed and quit after just a short time.

Dr. Eudene Harry joined us to teach us how we can successfully start a new exercise schedule.

It's important to stick to your workout without going overboard.

"When we want to lose weight, we start a fad diet and start working out excessively," Dr. Harry said. "When we over exercise because we think we're going to gain muscle and lose weight fast, we burn out and become frustrated."

Suddenly getting into a tough workout can also cause injuries. "If we haven't exercised for a while, we can injure our joints, ligaments and tendons," Dr. Harry said.

So how can we avoid burning out?

  • Make gradual, small changes. If you make one change a week, that's 52 changes in one year.
  • Exercise because it makes you feel good, not to lose weight.
  • Aim for success you can measure immediately, such as improving your blood pressure or memory.
  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Make sure you're enjoying your workout so you want to continue doing it.

An important reason to work out is because it makes you feel good. There are other small changes you can make to improve your physical and mental health.

First, it's Summer, so get some sunshine. "20 to 30 minutes in the morning helps you to sleep better and feel better," Dr. Harry said. "It improves your moods. When we do that, we're actually making steps to help us continue our routine."

Sun helps you get better sleep, so don't forget to get enough hours.

For more information, visit Dr. Harry's website here.

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