Philly Ranks 191 of 200 Cities With the Best Drivers

Philadelphia ranks 190th out of 200 in the list of America's best drivers, according to Allstate Insurance.

Allstate used the claims for the 200 most populated cities in the country, and ranked them based on the frequency of collisions. The company also looked at hard braking, defined as deceleration by 8 miles per hour, per second. The national average is 19 hard brakes per 1,000 miles, and the city of Philadelphia comes in at 43 hard brakes per 1,000 miles.

So what are Philly drivers doing wrong?

Part of it has to do with risky roads. The Roosevelt Boulevard is named as the most risky road in the city, with more accidents than any other road.

City officials have put new measures into place to make the Boulevard a safer road, including the addition of new speed cameras soon.

The top five cities with the best drivers this year are Brownsville, TX, Boise, ID, Huntsville, AL, Kansas City, KS, and Laredo, TX.

Coming in last is Baltimore, MD.

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