What is the deal with the Phillies and bamboo plants?

Could a lucky plant be the force behind the latest Phillies wins?

Lucky bamboo is the team's newest superstition.

Infielder Brad Miller believes in the luck of the bamboo, and put a small plant in his locker before Monday night's game hoping it would bring the team good vibes.

That night, the Phils bamboozled the Mets with an explosive offense, winning the game 13-7.

Could it be?

Miller took a trip to Chinatown Tuesday to pick up a bigger plant for the team's clubhouse. Later that night, Scott Kingery, Rhys Hoskins, Maikel Franco, and the bamboo man Miller himself went deep to win that night's game 7-5.

Whether it's the bamboo - or determination to win after losing seven games straight - we don't know.

But for now, the Phils are sticking with it - and using the Sixers motto "TTP." But their version - trust the plant.

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