Dangerous Jellyfish Confirmed in North Wildwood

NORTH WILDWOOD, N.J. -- The Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed Clinging Jellyfish have been found in a pond near the beach in North Wildwood.

They were spotted in a salt pond near East 1st Avenue and the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse. The DEP says this is the farthest South the species has ever been found in the state.

Clinging Jellyfish pack a powerful sting that can cause serious pain, and even send those who get stung to the hospital for medical attention.

The largest Clinging Jellyfish are only about the size of a quarter, making them hard to see.

About 150 jellyfish were pulled from that pond.

Officials say if you do spot one of these creatures, stay away. If you happen to get stung, rinse the area with salt water, and remove any remaining pieces from your body with gloves or a thick towel.

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