Keeping Your Skin Safe This Summer

Did you know May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? With the unofficial start to summer behinds us, it’s a good time to talk about protecting your skin.

Dr. Jeffrey Farma, Co-Director of the Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program, and Chelsea Droogan, a spray tan specialist from justCURATED joined us with helpful tips to prevent sun damage.

The amount of people impacted by skin cancer is staggering and Dr. Farma says melanoma has been on the rise.

"Even though it's a small lesion, it can be deadly. There's a lot on the forefront we're doing to change that and improve survival. It's still a very, very scary cancer."

He provided some tips to remember as you enjoy the summer sun. First, know your skin.

"If you have moles, you need to know them and if they're changing.

Secondly, sun protection.

"Wearing sunscreen. I tell all my patients that I do my job so that they can go out and enjoy life, the beach, hike, ski, whatever they want to do."

Dr. Farma says use a sunscreen with more than 36 SPF and to reapply it every two hours. Lastly, educate your children early.

"I have three children. It's really important that they learn about sun protection for their skin so that throughout their life they can prevent sun damage."

A safer alternative to tanning is spray tanning.

"There's solutions that we have nowadays for spray tanning where there's no parabens, no sulfates, no gluten, etc. It's a great alternative," said Chelsea.

JustCURATED spray tanning services are donating 10% of profits to the Fox Chase Cancer Center's Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program.

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