Popular New Exercise Improves Your Physical Fitness and Mental Health

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Lots of people want to start exercising this time of year to get in shape for the Summer. May is also Mental Health Awareness month.

Cycle Bar in West Chester wants to combine those two things, and offer a workout class that will help you build up your muscles and your mood!

"It's more than just exercise," said Krysta Lafferty, Cycle Bar instructor. "You're connected to the music and you're connected to the community."

Doing any type of exercise releases endorphins, which are chemical in your brain that make you feel good. Cycle Bar workouts are specially created to help release those throughout the class.

"We have at least 20 to 25 intervals in every class," Lafferty said. "Those intervals drive you up and amp you up. Then you get time to recover. It's that big push of energy with that short recovery."

It's not just the science behind it. The loud and upbeat music combined with the large group of people working to better themselves and complete a common goal combine to make you feel good during and after the class.

For more information on Cycle Bar West Chester, click here.

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