Memorial Day Eats with Creative Ingredients

Are you planning a Memorial Day BBQ? Registered Dietitian Carissa Galloway joined us with unexpected twists on summer favorites with big nutrition benefits and flavor.

First, you can make it a sustainable soirée with dishes that vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will love with TUNO.

TUNO is a plant-based canned seafood alternative made with non-GMO plant-based protein ingredients and features the light, flaky texture of seafood, but is completely fish-free.

In addition to nearly mimicking the taste and texture of traditional tuna, TUNO offers a near match to conventional tuna's protein and Omega-3 content. It comes in 3 oz pouches and these easy open cans.

Plant-based protein alternatives are our future, and TUNO is committed to delivering healthful, sustainable foods to future generations and addressing the growing crisis of fish stocks being overfished.

Next, a fun and tasty way to spice up your BBQ is to use Pure Maple Syrup from Canada.

New research shared at a recent symposium found that pure maple syrup from Canada, may have a potential impact on exercise and several other areas of health such as metabolic disorders and inflammation.

You can also use Pure Maple Syrup from Canada to make an at home sports drink that has the carbohydrates that are needed for exercise from maple, plus electrolytes from the lime juice and the salt. The best thing it is all natural and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

To see the recipe for that All Natural Maple Sports Drink, click here.

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