Join the 50,000 People Taking Part in the Alcohol Experiment

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Alcohol is a part of many people's weekly or even daily lives, but when you take a step back to consider how much you are consuming, that amount can be overwhelming.

That's where the Alcohol Experiment comes in.

The Alcohol Experiment is a judgement-free 30 day alcohol-free challenge for anyone who has wondered what their life would be like and feel like if they drank less.

Many people have found that it has helped people decrease their consumption and helped them to live a better life.

Author Annie Grace joined us to explain how it works and the benefits.

How to Change Your Relationship With Alcohol in Five Easy Steps

  1. Realize that you are not alone in questioning your drinking. You are not the only one struggling.
  2. Get curious. Ask questions. When we start asking questions without fear we begin to understand what alcohol is doing inside the body.
  3. Make a list of all the reasons you drink; to relax, to unwind, to network etc.
  4. Make a list of all the reasons you might want to drink less; fewer hangovers, being more present with family, not thinking about alcohol all the time?
  5. Go into every occasion mindfully with those lists top of mind. Do I want to be hung over tomorrow? Is it worth the 20-30 minute buzz I'm going to get?

For more information or to become one of the tens of thousands of people joining the challenge, click here.

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