Feeling Foggy? Try These At-Home Exercises to Help Boost Your Brain

Did you know that just a few simple exercises can help boost your brain power? And - did you know that you can do some of them right from home?

Sound too good to be true?

Ashley Singer from Ashley Blake Fitness joined us in-studio to demonstrate how putting our bodies to work can help put your mind to work as well.

First, try to learn a new movement. We often think of exercise as purely physical, but if you're doing a different movement pattern through something that involves memory, it works your brain like a muscle and makes it stronger. Some good examples including boxing or dancing.

Next, use your less dominant side to do common activities. This can include just using your opposite hand to brush your teeth or write a few notes. It allows your brain to work a little harder and practice doing something you're not used to.

Finally, sharpen your senses you don't often use by shutting down one of the others. For example, if you're trying to balance on one foot, try closing your eyes and allowing your mind to work on making your other senses stronger.

For more tips, visit AshleyBlakeFitness.com.

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