Try These Easter Candy Inspired Cocktails

Looking for a way to spice up your Easter brunch this Sunday? Try these Easter candy inspired cocktail recipes, by Fearless Restaurants.

Cadbury Cocktail

1.25 oz Dark Aged Rum

.25 oz Kahlua

.25 oz cold brew coffee

.5 oz Cadbury Chocolate syrup (Crack Cadbury Eggs and separate whites and chocolates, smash chocolate into smaller pieces, add equal parts hot water to each mixture and stir to combine)

.5 oz Cadbury Whites syrup

Shake, double strain

Garnish with cracked Cadbury Cream Egg


Cadbury Cold Brew (non-alcoholic)

3 oz unsweetened cold brew coffee

.75 oz Cadbury Chocolate syrup

.75 oz Cadbury Cream syrup

Shake, strain over ice



.75 oz vodka

.25 oz aperol

.75 oz jellybean syrup (Put two cups of jellybeans in the bottom of a coated pan with one cup of water, turn the heat to medium-low, bring to a simmer, stir to assist melting)

.25 oz lemon juice

Stir and pour into flute

Top with cold, dry sparkling wine



1.5 oz jellybean syrup

1.5 oz lemon juice

Stir to combine

Top with sparkling water


Easter Berry Pavlova

½ kiwi (skinned)

2 strawberries

Muddle both to smooth

1.5 oz gin

.75 oz lemon juice

1 egg white

Dry shake vigorously

Add ice, shake again

Double strain through mesh

Garnish with fresh kiwi wheel

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