Dentist Talks Best and Worst Easter Candies For Our Dental Health

Easter is this Sunday, and that means the kids and adults alike are going to be chowing down on the treats.

But what does that mean for our dental health? Dr. Shimma Abdula joined us to talk about the best and worst treats for our teeth.

"The sticker the candy, the worse it is for your teeth," Dr. Abdula said. "It sticks around your mouth longer, and more sugar content for a longer period of time breaks down your teeth quickly."

That means candy such as Peeps are bad for your teeth, but the worst offender - jellybeans. If your child is eating treats like these, have them drink a glass of water to wash out the sugars after eating.

But what is good for your teeth may be surprising.

"Chocolate is actually one of the best candies for your teeth," Dr. Abdula said. "It dissolves very quickly. You put the chocolate in your mouth and it breaks down without sticking around. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for your teeth. Dark chocolate has a lower sugar content and dissolves quickly."

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