PACE Fitness

PACE Fitness is West Chester’s newest and most fun way to get fit! Created by Marshall “Mara” Cherubino, the vibe of PACE matches that of a nightclub. She created it so people can come out and dance with their girlfriends…without all of the creepy dudes.

Mara is a Spanish teacher by day, but by night (and weekend) she is a certified personal trainer. Along with a few staff members, she choreographs the dances and puts together the playlists. They have classes ranging from “The Drakeoff”. “We Love Ari”, to “Nicki vs Cardi”. With the colorful lights and pounding music, it really does feel like a Saturday night in Center City.

The studio is all about girl power, and that can be seen by all of the decorations on the walls as well as the merchandise that Mara sells. However, in my opinion, the best part of the studio is the fact that the lights actually change to the beat of the music. This really makes it so much more of an immersive and fun experience.

The next time you get sick of boring days at the gym, make sure to stop by PACE Fitness for a fun workout experience that will keep you coming back!

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