New Pup… Now What?

If you plan to or have recently adopted a puppy and don't know what steps to take next, we've got you covered. Molly Hofher and Lauren Havens from Camp Bow Wow Delaware North in Newark have shared their top tips on what to do with your puppy.

  • Introduce family pets in neutral territory.
  • Get your pup used to a crate - once they're used to a crate, it creates a safe space for them when they need to be inside.
  • Know that potty training takes time - take them to go to the bathroom often, around every hour or two. It's good to take them out when they wake up, when they eat, and after they play.
  • Give your pup time to get used to their new environment.
  • Be PATIENT! Doggy training takes time. Consistency is the key training.

Camp Bow Wow is a Doggy Day Care, boarding, training, grooming and pet walking service that offers even more for you and your pup. For more information and locations, visit

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