Pizza Brain

Who knew that the world’s first Pizza Museum is located right here in Philadelphia?

Pizza Brain, the world’s first Museum of American Pizza Culture, is located in Fishtown and showcases thousands of pizza-related items ranging from pizza cutters to toys to album covers. The extensive collection granted owners Joseph Hunter and Michael Carter a Guinness World Record for biggest collection of pizza-related items.

However, Pizza Brain is more than just a pizza museum – it’s also an awesome pizza restaurant! With everything from your plain Jane cheese pizza to a ramen-noodle inspired pizza, there’s always something new and innovative on the menu. “I think the creativity is the most fun part,” co-owner Joseph Hunter says. “Doing specials and trying to figure out how to do pizzas that are innovative and different is really fun”.

Pizza Brain’s most popular pizza is “Forbes Wagensense”, their pepperoni pizza. Forbes Wagensense holds a place as one of The Daily Meal’s Top 10 Pepperoni Pizzas in America. My personal favorite, however, has got to be the Hoagie Jawn, which tastes like the best Italian hoagie you’ve ever had…in pizza form.

Be sure to swing by Pizza Brain and give the pizza-lover inside of you the time of its life!

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