Grizz’s LRB at Westville Brewery

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Michael “Grizz” Maguire was a Vietnam Marine Corps veteran and the former president of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club. He was a loving husband, stepfather and friend, and was devoted to helping veterans. Unfortunately, he passed away this past February.

Following his passing, Grizz’s wife Nancy and stepson Travis were determined to continue his legacy. What better way to honor Grizz and continue helping veterans than to brew a beer in his honor, with a portion of the proceeds going to veterans in need? With the help of Mike and Pam Gordy from Westville Brewery, they did just that.

Grizz’s LRB is an American Amber Ale that was made smooth, drinkable, and as high in alcohol as possible for the Marines. The LRB stands for Loyalty, Respect and Brotherhood, which is the motto of the Leathernecks MC that Grizz was a part of. The beer was released on the Marine Corps birthday and a portion of the proceeds go to South Jersey Stand Down, which helps homeless veterans.

Grizz’s wife Nancy Maguire hopes to make a charitable beer for each branch of the military, and continue Grizz’s legacy by aiding as many veterans as possible.

To support the cause, stop by Westville Brewery in Westville, NJ or visit

By: Holly Huepfel / Weekend Philler Producer
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