Travel Mom: Travel to the Caribbean with AirBNB

Travel Mom Emily Kaufman is here to help you find a more immersive way to experience the Caribbean.

It's that time of year where lots of people are taking vacations to places with warmer weather, especially the Caribbean! According to Emily, one of the best ways to experience the Caribbean is by staying in an AirBNB. is your place to find housing accommodations that meet your individual needs.

"Whether you're looking for a chic apartment, a cozy beachfront cottage, or even a villa, offers something for everyone."

In addition to just housing, you also have the opportunity to book experiences for your destination.

"There's an all-inclusive option, if you're looking to do something like that and have a chef come in and cook for you, or...if you're traveling with a family and you need a place with a kitchen to make breakfast everyday, you can tick off those amenities at"

They also have an abundance of housing and experience options in Puerto Rico, and it's a great time to go out and support that community as well.

Visit for more information.


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