Prevent Cold and Flu This Season With Tips From Rutgers Nursing Professor

Flu season is here. Are you protected from the virus? Dr. Katherine Soss Prihoda, Assistant Clinical Professor at the Rutgers School of Nursing in Camden has tips to help keep you healthy this winter.

Tip One: Get your flu vaccine. Flu season peaks in February. It takes two weeks for the flu shot to work, so it’s still not too late to get one.

Tip Two: Make sure to eat and sleep well. If you’re not eating or sleeping well, your immune system will be compromised and you have a greater chance of getting the flu or catching a cold.

Tip Three: Stay home when you’re sick. A lot of people try to tough it out when they get sick, but that could easily hurt our friends and coworkers.

Tip Four: Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. The virus can last on hard surfaces and even on clothing for hours. Right after you sneeze, make sure to wash your hands or use a good hand sanitizer.

Tip Five: Wash your hands and sanitize. Make sure to wash down things such as computers, phones, remote controls, doorknobs and more to keep yourself safe from germs that may live on these areas.

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