Keto & Mediterranean Diets: Do They Work?

The Keto and Mediterranean diets top the list for 2019, but do they actually work? Registered Dietitian Caroline Eisenberg has the answer.

The Keto Diet focuses on high fat and low carb with the intention of putting your body in a state of ketosis.

"Because it's such a restrictive diet, it's most likely not going to be a sustainable weight loss method," said Eisenberg.

Research shows individuals who have lost weight using the Keto diet tend to gain it back within a year. On the other hand, the Mediterranean diet has maintained popularity for awhile. Research continues to support the diet as an overall healthy way of eating.

"It offers many health benefits specifically cardiovascular health, brain health, fertility, vision, the list goes on..."

The focus of the diet is healthy fats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish. Here's Eisenberg's top five tips for dieting:

1. Figure out your intention: Is it weight loss, improving your quality of life or improving your eating habits?

2. Start small: Build on small, sustainable goals.

3. Be a "Flexitarian:" Do what's best for your lifestyle. Combine different types of diets that work for you.

4. Exercise.

5. Lower Your Stress.

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