Glasstown Brewing Company’s Ornament Hunt

Every year, Glasstown Brewing Company hosts their annual “The Grinch Stole my Holiday Gift Cards” Ornament Hunt, where they hide thousands of ornaments around the Millville Airport and give away prizes. This year, for their fifth installment, they decided to change things up.

“Every year this event has been getting bigger and bigger,” says Paul Simmons, owner of Glasstown, “so we wanted to use this opportunity to give back.” The proceeds of the event went to the M25 Initiative, which funds Code Blue in Cumberland County. Code Blue is an entirely volunteer-run organization that aims to provide temporary shelter, warm clothes, and food to the homeless on cold nights.

Glasstown gave away $3,000 of prizes and ended up raising a total of $2,000 for Code Blue in Cumberland County.

By: Holly Huepfel / Weekend Philler Producer
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