Dreidel Spinoff and Hanukkah Party with Meor at Temple University

Aron Katz, Rabbi for Meor at Temple University, kicked off the first night of Hanukkah by throwing a Hanukkah party and Dreidel Spin-Off for the Jewish students in the community. The party was filled with food, live music, and a photobooth, and the tournament was played for prizes, the top one being an Amazon Smart TV.

The game of Dreidel has had a strong significance toward the Hanukkah miracle since the Second Temple, when the Greeks banned the study of the Torah. According to Katz, many Jews would disobey the order and hide out in the forest to study the Torah. Whenever the Greeks would come out searching for rule-breakers, they would hide the Torah and start playing Dreidel to mislead the Greeks.

Meor is a Jewish organization with 21 campuses across the United States. Their objective  is to “empower and educate Jewish students with the wisdom and the relevance of the Torah”.  For more information, you can visit meor.org.

By: Holly Huepfel / Weekend Philler Producer
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