Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holidays tend to be a time to cheat on those diets! Dietitian Theresa Shank joined us with tips to prevent yourself from going overboard.

Theresa's first tip is to never go to a party hungry.

"You want to make sure you have a pre-eat. Usually I say 100 to 200 calories is just enough to save you from overeating."

Offices are also filled with tasty treats this time of year. Theresa says avoid snacking on these treats at work and instead bring them home to enjoy with your family.

"Don't leave the snack at home that you would normally have around three o'clock. Mare sure that you still have that, but if you do see a treat you want, take it home and share it with your husband or kids."

Alcohol consumption also increases over the holidays.

"When you go to happy hour, I recommend trying to keep to two drinks for females and three for males."

Lastly, holiday parties with buffets are especially tricky.

"My one boundary is one plate rule. Go for the proteins and vegetables and then choose which comfort food is your favorite."

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