Happy In Holidays

*The following post is sponsored.

The holiday season is upon us, but between decorating, entertaining and gift giving, it can sometimes be more stressful. To help us simplify the season is Audrey McLelland.

"We want the season to be enjoyable. The biggest thing on my list is to make sure you join a wholesale club. My favorite is BJ's Wholesale Club. I can get all of my food, all of my decor, all of my gifts, right at BJ's," said McLelland.

This is your one stop destination, where you can get everything on your list from food to decor

"They also have great services too. Not only could I just shop in club. I could shop online, right through the app. Not too mention, I could shop just online. They also have same day delivery, so I could literally order groceries on the couch in my pj's and have them delivered right to my door in as little as two hours. So all of these things put together really do make the holidays more enjoyable because I'm not thinking about doing a million things."

It is also a great place to get your toys and decor.

"BJ's has too their top ten toys for the holiday list. So what I love about that is that you can get the hottest and trendiest toys. And then decor wise, if you are looking for garlands or reeves, all of that is right there too."

Again, all of your needs are taken care of at BJ's.

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