IN FOCUS: Honoring Veterans in our Local Community

This week we are honoring local veterans in the Delaware Valley.

We begin this show dedicated entirely to veterans with a veteran of the Korean War -- Jake Kapp, Commander of VFW 3460 in Media. Kapp shares his experiences while serving in Korea. And, after participating in the region’s largest veteran’s day parade in the region in Media for years – he talks about parade history and traditions.

Turning to student veterans, Anina Tyler, born and raised in Camden New Jersey - was chosen for a special honor by her peers at Rutgers-Camden. She talks about why supporting veterans at academic institutions is important and how that support is helping her to succeed. Fred Davis, Founder and Director of Military and Veteran Affairs at Rutgers-Camden also joins with more on offerings specifically for veterans. Davis says the university is the first Purple Heart School in the State of New Jersey for Student Veterans. An organization called The Veterans Group in Philadelphia helps veterans in need.

Three veterans including Army Veteran Alexander Hernandez, Navy Veteran Ron Blakely and Eric Gartner, a retired United States Air Force Colonel and Vice President of The Veterans Group join us. They share the special program involving homeless outreach and how veterans who experienced homelessness themselves are reaching out to others. And, in the last segment of In Focus, our “final word” – we get an update on housing specifically designed for women in need who are veterans. Dain Spain of The Veterans Comfort House joins us for that. And, we close our show with a special tribute to our PHL17 family who are veterans as well. In Focus airs Saturdays at 6:30 AM and 12:30 PM on PHL17.

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