200 U.S. Veterans from Power Home Remodeling Group run Rocky Steps

PHILADELPHIA, PA - On Friday morning, 200 veterans from around the country ran the iconic Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The veterans all work for Power Home Remodeling Group and came from Power’s 14 territories around the country. They participated in a run through the streets of Philadelphia, which ended at the Art Museum steps. The vets also participated in a 25-minute exercise routine led by Michael Hansen, national director of military affairs.

PHL17's Matt Alba did some workouts with the vets!

This event will kick-off Power’s annual Veterans Leadership Summit - a two-day event featuring guest speakers, panels and keynote discussions to further cultivate veteran leaders within the company. The summit is a product of Power’s Veterans Initiative (PVI) which was established in April of 2016 to employ, retain and develop veteran employees at Power. Bringing a team-first mentality and commitment to a shared mission to their civilian careers, Power believes men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces are natural leaders and invaluable in continuing to grow its business.




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