Halloween Candy with Crest

*The following post is sponsored.

Trick or Treat! Trading Halloween candy for anything less can be a nightmare.

Crest wanted to show children that you can have a fun Halloween without having to be unhealthy.

"Crest did a fun little experiment with kids to prove this point. We're gonna replace candy with some healthy Halloween treats today. These are called veggie fruit chews."

Crest was curious to see just how many children are eating their candy on Halloween or getting it stolen by their parents. In doing a survey they found some staggering percentages.

"86% of parents shamelessly steal candy from their children's Halloween hall. And not just one piece. The average candy snatching parent devours about 1/4 of it."

Parents are just as responsible though for their consumption as they are with their kids. According to the survey, "58% limit their candy consumption on Halloween night, and 75% limiting their kids."

Don't fight the urge! We all know candy is the number one ingredient for the happiest Halloween. Just make sure you protect against those cavities.

Fore more information, go to Crest.com.



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