Fall Renovations with Brian Kelsey

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Renovation expert Brian Kelsey has some great tips, as we head into the holiday season and prepare for colder winter months.

Let's check out heating and air conditioning first.

"We talked to our friends at Trane and they suggested getting a connected thermostat, which is a way to control your temperature while you're not there. It also controls your lights and locks so if you're away and you forget to lock up or you forget to turn your heat up or down you can use the app to control that. It's a great great way to make sure you're saving money throughout the winter season," said Kelsey.

With the added bodies in your home for the holiday season, things are bound to break.

"This product is Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesive. It bonds just about anything. You hold it for about thirty seconds and let it sit for about thirty minutes and all of a sudden you're fixed. You need this. You need it around the house. You need it year round."

Speaking of people coming over, they're going to use the kitchen or bathroom, so make sure everything looks good.

"There's nothing more gross than having that moldy caulk around the edges of your bathtub and around the counter top and stuff like that. Peel it all out, clean it, let it dry and put this product in. Again, another great Dap product. Kwik Seal Ultra Premium silicone seal in. Four hours, you're good to go, and it is water resistant. It's got a lifetime guarantee for mildew and mold."

Finally for the kitchen, people want things that are nice and durable. Check out Cosentino by Dekton.

"They are heat resistant, scratch resistant. And on top of all that you do not have any maintenance. You put it in and forget about it and now your house is set for the holidays and years to come."


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