IN FOCUS: Fire Prevention, Hope Fence, and the Eagle’s Live Mascot from Elmwood Park Zoo

This week we focus on fire prevention and safety, Philadelphia’s “Hope Fence,” and Noah, the Eagle’s Live Mascot from Elmwood Park Zoo.

Joining us in our studio are three members of the Philadelphia Fire Department including Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy, Lt. Bernard Gilliam and firefighter Antonio Tabita from Engine Company 27 in North Philadelphia. We learn firsthand about what it takes for firefighters to gear up quickly and head to fires. Our Jennifer Lewis-Hall participates in a demonstration and puts on about sixty-pounds of heavy firefighter gear. They also highlight a very simple yet powerful message to raise awareness about the campaign, “Close Before You Doze.” The message and remarkable video shows the difference between how a raging fire can impact a home where the doors are closed  --- versus much more devastating damage when doors are left open.

In our second segment of In Focus, we meet The Keatings. Sarah Keating and Dan Keating join us. The couple built the “Hope Fence” in Philadelphia – which is located along the Philadelphia Waterfront behind the Hilton Hotel. It is two-hundred-fifty feet long and built to hold up to five-million locks. Locks placed there symbolize important life moments. They were inspired by a famous bridge in Paris that holds hundreds of thousands of so-called “love locks.” They share what they plan to do in Philadelphia now with the very popular fence two years after it was dedicated to the City.

And, rounding out In Focus is a fun segment with the Elmwood Park Zoo educating us about wildlife conservation with a visit from Zeppelin, a small eight-inch screech owl. And, we share Jennifer’s story on the Eagles live mascot “Noah” who lives there at Elmwood Park Zoo and get an update on his flight training and activities for the football season ahead. In Focus airs Saturdays at 6:30 AM on PHL17.

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