America’s Mental Health

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In the age of rising suicide rates and increases in depression and anxiety, America is facing a true mental health crisis. To tell us more is Dr. Anthony Hassan, CEO  & President at Cohen Veterans Network, and Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO at the National Council for behavioral health.

"We know across America that there is a challenge with accessing quality mental health care. We hear it from patients everyday who talk about their struggles getting care...hence this five thousand respondents survey," said Dr. Anthony Hassan.

"What we learned in this survey is six out of every ten Americans has looked for help for themselves or loved ones and seventy six percent of all Americans believe mental health is just as important as any physical health condition," said Rosenberg.

They also learned that younger people are more likely to talk about their illnesses and look for help. One solution is the Steven Cohen Veterans Clinics.

"Steven A. Cohen military family clinics is real help using philanthropy to ensure veterans and their family members have access to care. We also need to make sure that everyone continues to understand mental health is an illness and it can be treated effectively. So we need to let everyone in America know that there are solutions but we first have to give them access," said Dr. Anthony Hassan.

They believe insurance should be treating mental illnesses the same way they treat physical illnesses.

"We also want people to now that there is certified community behavioral health clinics in some communities and we want to make that nationwide," said Rosenberg.

So what can people do to erase the stigma around mental health?

"Well I think we are making some strides in stigma. I think what we need to be more concerned about is ensuring that when they ask for help the can get help. I think that's the challenge. You know, we have to take action when someone asks for help. And then they can see the results and the results will talk and reduce stigma," said Dr. Anthony Hassan.

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