Former Northampton Township Supervisor And Girlfriend Charged

A former township official and his girlfriend are now facing criminal charges for taking pictures of a woman without her consent.

Former Northampton Township Supervisor, Lawrence Weinstein, and his girlfriend, Kelly Drucker, are facing several felony charges.

Police say they started planning the quote "mission" in October of last year and Drucker had dinner and drinks with the victim the next month.

Investigators say that Weinstein kept in contact with Drucker throughout the night while coaching her on how to get the victim to return to Drucker's home.

Later that evening, officials say the text messages shifted towards keeping the woman at Drucker's home and Weinstein instructing Drucker to make the victim drink more alcohol.

After some time, police say the victim got sick and passed out in the bathroom, then Weinstein told Drucker to use spy glasses to take pictures of the victim while she was naked.

A few days later, police say the couple texted each other about future plans for finding additional victims. Police say they recovered pictures of the victim taken while she was in the bathroom at Drucker's home.

County detectives say they also found pictures of Weinstein sexually assaulting a second woman. Investigators believe that incident happened back in 2012.

A judge set bail for Weinstein and Drucker at $300,000 dollars. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 18th.




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