Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

Located among the Pocono Mountains in Stroudsburg, PA, Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm is dedicated to preserving and accurately presenting 19th Century Pennsylvania German agricultural heritage.

The farm was settled in the late 1760’s and was passed from family to family for decades. In the 1890’s, a Victorian parlor was built onto the farmhouse for the bride at the time, and the farm has been preserved with no new additions since. Other attractions include an authentic school house, a traditional bank barn, Grandaddy Cabin, and more!

As it is a working farm, Quiet Valley has a ton of farm animals that visitors can see. In Spring, they host a Farm Animal Frolic to teach people of all ages about the farm animals. They also host a Harvest Festival every Fall and their Old Time Christmas event in December.

For more information or to plan your trip, visit quietvalley.org.

By: Holly Huepfel / Weekend Philler Producer
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