Terror Behind The Walls Returns To Eastern State Penitentiary

Terror Behind The Walls returns to Eastern State Penitentiary on September 21st.

It`s a massive haunted house inside the walls of the prison where more than 200 costumed performers roam the halls, terrifying unsuspecting prison guests.

Molly Mclaughlan recently went through it for the first time and got the chance to experience a revamped version of one of its well known attractions called The Infirmary.

"It really startled me," said Mclaughlan. "I screamed really loudly and it was great."

Brett Bertolino is the general manager and if you`re scared of doctors, he said you`re going to be terrified of this place.

"A lot of people have that white coat syndrome where they go to the doctor and they are not quite sure what will happen," said Bertolino. "So, we kind of play that up here to a whole new level.'

Terror behind the walls is open on select days through November 10th.

"Be ready to be scared," said Mclaughlan.

PHL17's Khiree Stewart took a tour of The Infirmary.

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