High School Football Players Run the “Philly Special” in Homecoming Game

PHILADELPHIA, PA – During their homecoming game last weekend, football players from La Salle College High School successfully ran the “Philly Special.”

It’s been over seven and a half months since the Philadelphia Eagles famously ran the now iconic play in Super Bowl LII, and we’re still talking about it almost every day.

But until now, the Eagles were the only Philly team to have run the play, that we know of. That changed last weekend when the guys at La Salle successfully ran the historic play.

Leading 38 to 28 in the  4th quarter against Haverford, La Salle’s head coach, John Steinmetz, and Offensive Coordinator, Joe Wade, decided to run the iconic play on 4th and 8 from the 25 yard line.

Sean Daly is the quarterback for La Salle who caught the touchdown pass from teammate Liam Tatlonghari. Both of them admit that the play never really worked in practice.

But much to their surprise, it worked. The “Philly Special” remains flawless for Philly football teams.

With plenty of season left to play, team’s playing La Salle may want to study their film for the “Philly Special,” because like the Eagles who ran the play again this season, the La Salle players say they have some more tricks up their sleeve.

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