Saxbys Partners With West Chester University To Give Students Practical Learning Experience

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Saxbys is shaking up the way it manages some of its cafes.

Kelly Ingram runs their new location at West Chester University, which is entirely employed by students.

“It’s really cool because we’re all different majors,” said Ingram.

It’s part of Saxbys Experiential Learning Program. They offer it at five other campus locations throughout Pennsylvania.

“They created this program to give students practical and hands-on experience as an option instead of just class work," she said.

Ingram is a business major and the cafe's Student Cafe Executive Officer, or SCEO. She works and gets school credit as well.

“It’s more than just managing," she said. "You’re watching over you team, you’re doing invoices, deposits everything like that."

Ingram says there can be some challenges at times...

“I think the biggest thing is just balancing everything," she said. "Making sure I’m just investing in my team."

Ingram says she thinks those challenges will prepare her for the real world.

Her position is only good for a semester.

She graduates in 2019 and says the skills she learns through the program are something she’ll have for a lifetime.

“I’m definitely someone who likes to learn hands-on," she said. "So getting those practical skills and refining the skills that I have is definitely huge asset to me.”

Click here for more information on Saxbys Experiential Learning Program at West Chester University.

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