Fall Health and Fitness with Dr. Mike Roussell

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Are you looking to get healthier this fall? Doctor Mike Roussell joins us for some simple tips for a healthier lifestyle.

"The key here is to make the healthy step or the healthy habit the preferred habit," says Roussell.

First, we have Quest Nutrition. This satisfies the food you crave by creating your favorite indulgences with no nutritional compromises. For example, everybody loves cookies, so Quest has created cookies that are high protein, high fiber, low sugar with low net carb.

"Quest chocolate chip cookies contain fifteen grams of protein nine grams of fiber and only one gram of sugar compared to a traditional cookie which wold contain maybe one gram of protein."

Quest also has protein bars such as birthday cake, which contain twenty one grams of protein and fourteen grams of fiber.

"Quest bars are perfect to satisfy my sweet tooth while also giving me the protein that I need to help support my muscle but also help curb hunger."

Quest products can be found at Walmart, Target, or any grocery store throughout the country.

Quest even has coffee. "I am talking about neuro coffee, which is a coffee product I created. It is a one of a kind of coffee product that is designed to improve and support brain health. It is infused with patented coffee from antioxidants that increase a key protein in your body and helps your body grow and repair neurons and support your memory."

You can get neuro coffee at getneurocoffee.com and on Amazon. They come in K-cups and ground coffee

The last piece for healthy eating is vegetables.

"Fresh Express Saute Kits make it so easy they make you want to eat vegetables. They are ready in under three minutes and contain four flavors with exotic vegetable combos. It is super easy, just heat the pan, a little oil, add the sauce, some protein to make it a complete meal and you are ready to go."

They are only $3.99 and available in the produce aisle grocery stores across the country.

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