Sports Nutrition with Carissa Bealert

*This is a sponsored post. 

If you want to get fit, the time is now. Dietician Carissa Bealert is with us to tell us some great ways to fuel our bodies this fall.

"So I think it is a good time to recommit to your fitness goals," says Bealert.

Starting with hydration. A two percent decline in hydration can negatively affect your performance, and that is when BODYARMOR SportWater can help.

"It has a performance PH of eight plus a proprietary sports electrolyte blend and the 1 liter bottles have a wide mouth, which seems simple, but you are going to get more hydration in every single sip."

You can find BODYARMOR SportWater at your local Acme or at

When we exercise for over 60 minutes or sweat a lot, you need electrolytes.

"So I've got the BODYARMOR Sports Drink, which is a premium sports drink that offers superior hydration. It has potassium packed electrolytes, coconut water, vitamins, natural flavors and sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources because I don't know why we should drink things that are neon blue... Not neon blue in the real world so keep it real with the BODYARMOR."

There are 11 flavors that you can find at Acme or Giant.

Now, what about the potatoes. Why are they such a great carb?

"So carbs fuel our bodies and our brains -- so we need them. But when you want to perform at your best, you really have to feel at your best. The potatoes add energy, carbohydrates, and potassium,  which is key. They've also got vitamins and fiber and potatoes have more potassium than bananas."

You too can make potato pancakes and use them as pre-run fuel.

You can find tips at

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