Philadelphia Union Unveil New Mascot, “Phang!”

PHILADELPHIA, PA - On Monday afternoon at the Philadelphia Zoo, the Philadelphia Union soccer team's new mascot hatched from a giant gold egg. "Phang," is a 6-foot tall, blue racer snake, who Union staff members was chosen and designed with the help of kids from the Philly region.

According to Union staff members, they received over 3,000 drawings from kids via social media, email and local schools with ideas.

The 10 most popular concepts from kids:  snake, soccer ball, ben franklin, dog, cat, unicorn, dragon, wolf, river monster, bridge troll

The Union partnered with the original Philly Phanatic, David Raymond, to take the best ideas from all the submissions and draw each of the 10 most popular designs. Over the course of two months, Union met with 50+ kids at every home game to further test the drawings and get their feedback on design and names. Once a snake consistently became the kids’ favorite, they tested five different versions before landing on the final design of Phang.