Back to School Beauty with Kate De Ponte

*This is a sponsored post. 

With summer over, it’s back to school and back to our busy routines! Fortunately, we’ve got lifestyle expert Kate De Ponte with some back to school must-haves for the entire family. From combatting acne to eyeglasses for the whole family, she’s got us covered.

"Let's start with one of the most important accessories...your smile. If your teen smile needs some help there are Invisalign clear aligners. It is proven to fix teens smile from simple to complex cases, gaps, overnights, and cross bites. They are removable. So teens can eat and drink without the wires and they are virtually invisible so kids and teachers will barely tell the difference," said De Ponte.

Price vary according to doctor. Visit the doctor locator page to find a provider.

"And if you want to put your best face forward, I am working with Differin, which contains 1% adapalene and is powered by the number one prescription retinoid, which you can get in stores without a prescription. Great for those with moderate acne. Now this different gel should not be used as a spot treatment. It takes 12 weeks to see results so stick with it. You rub it on your face with some moisturizer and sunscreen," said De Ponte.

You can find Differin Gel Acne Treatment for $13.99 - $29.99 at major retail & drugstores nationwide. 

"If you need some quiet time, Own Zone Wireless TV Headphones help block out noise and distractions so you can enjoy what you are watching and eliminate TV distractions and it works 100 feet so you can walk around your home or dorm room and still hear it loud and clear," said De Ponte.

You can find it for $59.99 at Walmart & Bed Bath & Beyond starting in September or

"Glasses can be a great accessory. So Zennie optical has affordable access to stylish eyeware. Prescription eyewear can be way to expensive so prescription eyewear so people love Zennie because it is more affordable. They are the nations largest provider for eyewear, having sold over 20 millions pairs since 2003," said De Ponte. 

Prices start at $6.95 at



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