Dorm Room Ready

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Back to School Must-Haves for the Whole Family

It’s that time of the year again. Lifestyle Expert Bahar Takhtehchian has the scoop on all the back to school must-haves. From beauty products, fashion, tech and more.  Bioré, Canon, Braun and Stitch Fix are top picks for this back to school year.


Bioré is perfect for dorm rooms, as an early morning or nightly cleanse. "This product wipes away makeup without any friction or agitation. there is no rubbing, rinsing, or residue," said

Takhtehchian. This product can be found for $6.99 at Target stores.


A great shaving product for the men is Braun shaver. It is all in one and has three different blades. "With this you are getting fewer strokes and less irritation," said Takhtehchian.


Stitch Fix is a leading online service. No subscription is needed. You just sign up at and you can receive clothes for all ages at a great price.


Lastly for technology fans, if you have a smartphone and want your picture printed right on the spot.  There is the Canon Ivy Mini Photo

"In a matter of seconds you can have 2x3 pictures and stickers," said Takhtehchian. This can be found for $129.99 at