Pennsylvania Car Wash Owner Grows Huge Sunflower Field to Attract Business…and it’s Working

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ELVERSON, PA - Rick Frey is the owner of Please Wash Me Car Wash and says the sunflower field beside his business will be absolutely picturesque for the next two weeks!

The hidden patch of paradise was planted by Frey and his wife eight years ago as a way to attract new business during the summer months. Frey said, “They spent 15 minutes here and they feel good. There’s no politics in the air; everything is nice and clean; everybody is happy and everybody is friends!”

Frey says, every year, in late July or early August, when the farms around his business see their corn stalks sprouting, it’s hard to see his car wash from the road near his business. He say one day about eight years ago, when he was drivingpast a sunflower field, he noticed dozens of people stopping to take pictures, and he says that’s when the light bulb went off.

“I just tried to do something that would get a couple extra people to come up here and take a look around. And we had the field, so we tried sunflowers! It worked pretty good for a while until social media got a hold of it and now it’s just crazy. I mean, they’re not coming to wash their car, they are coming to take pictures in the sunflowers and all different people come.”

Frey says it is, always has, and always will be, free of charge.

Frey told PHL17’s Matt Alba, “If we put money with it, it would just make it dirty. When you put money with something; you have a line, people have expectations.”

The sunflower field is only one acre, but it feels much larger.

In 2017, Frey says 11 people got engaged on the property. He also said he isn’t opposed to someone getting married there.

The sunflowers have been blooming since July 20th this year.

According to Frey, the best time for photos lasts about two and a half weeks when the flowers are nice and sturdy.

For this year, Frey says he added a handicamp ramp and a few small trails to make the sunflower field more accessible to disabled visitors.

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