3 Fast Food Additions to Freak Out Over

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There’s some shake ups happening at your favorite fast food spots!


Dunkin' Donuts "Donut Fries"

Ahead of the fourth of July, here's something truly American. Dunkin' Donuts is combining two of the country's favorite snacks: fries and donuts.

Starting July 2nd, customers can purchase the strips of fried croissant dough. Just like churros, they're rolled in sugar. Dunkin' gives you five fries per pack for a price of $2. The chain will even heat them up for you upon purchase.

It's also rolling out a Brown Sugar Cold Brew, a chocolate coconut donut and a Shark Bite donut in honor of Shark Week (kicks off July 22nd).

Get 'em while they're hot because they're limited for the summer!


Taco Bell Nacho Fries

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries are making a return to the menu on July 12th. The fries debuted earlier this year and were a hit!

The limited-time summer sequel of the fries coincides with the 25th anniversary of the film "Demolition man." The 1993 sci-fi movie predicted taco bell as the only fast food restaurant left in the future. The chain is recreating the futuristic restaurant from the film outside of Comic-Con in San Diego from July 19-21.

The only downside? The fries are no longer a part of the dollar menu. They'll be available for $1.29. A "supreme" option sells for $2.49 and the "BellGrande" option topped with beef, nacho cheese, tomatoes and sour cream goes for $3.49.


McDonald's Muffin Toppers

McDonald's is bringing a popular sitcom's concept to life with its Muffin Toppers. Taking the idea from Elaine of "Seinfeld," the fast food chain is planning to sell only the tops of muffins.

It has reportedly been testing the concept in Baltimore before the item rolls out nationwide. It's all in an effort to boost breakfast business.

The toppers come in lemon poppy seed, blueberry and double chocolate!

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