Man Finds Lost Ring With Metal Detector & Uses Facebook to Track Down Owner

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HADDONFIELD, NJ - Losing jewelry is always a huge disappointment, especially when it has sentimental value. So imagine seeing your lost high school class ring on Facebook, 11 years after you lost it! Well, that’s exactly what happened in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

PHL17 was there as the ring’s owner got it back!

Kara Perle lost her Paul VI High School class ring 11 years ago.

“I lost it probably six months after I got it. I was playing softball. I actually remember the day that I lost it. I was doing batting practice with my dad and my uncle, on a field, at a school. I took my glove off and when we went to leave I realized my ring was gone…Every time I would drive past that field I would think about it and be like, ‘Oh, I wonder if my ring is still out there somewhere? I wonder if someone ever found it?’”

Recently, to Kara’s luck, someone did.

“When I got the signal, it was a nice hard strong signal, so I knew it had to be something good,” said Jim Lista, who is a proud member of the South Jersey Metal Detecting Club.

“It’s kind of modern day treasure hunting,” said Lista.

Lista says on Memorial Day he was out detecting with a friend on a softball field near Paul VI. After getting a “hit” on his metal detector, he started to dig. He realized whatever it was, was pretty deep underground.

Lista explained, “It was over 8 inches, I’m probably saying 10 inches.” That’s where he found Kara’s class ring. “I pulled it out! Ran over to my friend and had to show him! Like I said, it’s kind of a bucket list thing to be able to find a ring, and return it is even better…When I got home I started the process of trying to find the owner.”

Lista posted pictures of the ring on Facebook a few hours after her found it. The post was shared over a thousand times within a matter of hours.

With the power of the internet, Kara says her mom’s hairdresser saw Jim’s post and sent it her way.

A few Facebook messages later, and Kara and Jim had plans to reconnect the ring with its rightful owner.

Lista says a goal of metal detecting enthusiasts is to return things they find to their owners. However, with jewelry often times being very indistinguishable, it’s difficult to identify an owner.

Lista said, “If I find a silver ring that I can’t identify, most times my wife takes all that stuff there. You know, she doesn’t mind receiving jewelry and stuff like that. But this ring here didn’t mean anything to me or my wife; it meant something to Kara.”

Kara told PHL17, “It just brings back really great memories!”

Memories that have come full circle, thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

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