No Seriously, YOU can win an Eagles World Championship Ring

Eagles fans, listen up! This is not a drill. It’s your chance to win a REAL Eagles Super Bowl ring.

Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro shared all the details.

The 219 diamond ring comes complete with every message you can imagine from the 2017 season including the "Philly Special" and the "We all we got, we all we need" mantra. There's also 17 rare sapphires.

"They call it a '10 table ring.' It means you can see it from 10 tables away. The players wanted something that was really gaudy, something that was going to be attention-grabbing and it certainly has been the case," said Spadaro.

Now this incredible ring can be YOURS! It's all a part of the Eagles fight against Autism.



"Everybody knows somebody on the spectrum so the Eagles launched the Eagles Autism Challenge with a bike race earlier in the spring. Now it's the Eagles Autism Sweepstakes."

For as little as $10, fans can enter to win their own personalized ring. You can enter the contest through September and the winner will be announced in December. Along with the ring, the winner gets sideline passes, a meet and greet with Jeffrey Lurie and tickets to a game.

Enter the contest here!